Earn Money with Your First Rummy Game

Earn Money with Your First Rummy Game

Rummy is one of the most popular card games that require players to form sets and sequences out of cards. While there are different variations of the game played in different parts of the world, the basic rules are applicable everywhere. Rummy is one of those card games that require a certain amount of skill. It isn’t entirely based on chance. You can easily play rummy online and even earn money with your very first game.

There are different ways of playing online rummy:

  • Visiting a rummy website through your desktop or laptop and playing the game directly
  • Downloading the rummy game software on your computer
  • Playing rummy on your smartphone directly through a web browser
  • Playing rummy via a smartphone app

So, why would you want to play rummy online? First and foremost, you can play the game anytime you want. You won’t have to look for partners to play the game. Also, you get to play online rummy against a real player on the other end. As you continue playing, your skills get refined and you get better at the game, which only means you can earn more money by winning. The genuine rummy portals have digital withdrawals and purchases, which means your transactions remain protected. 

If you are good at rummy, you can earn money without any investment in the first place. It might sound too good to be true but it is very much possible. This method of earning money is relatively new and somewhat unconventional. With more and more players discovering online rummy, they are referring their friends to play online rummy games and stand a chance to win real cash. Skillful players are taking advantage of the opportunity and winning every day. Of course, with 24×7 availability, you don’t have to keep to a specific schedule. Not to mention, the game of rummy itself is quite entertaining and satisfying to engage in. Why not earn money at the same time as well?

How to make money through an online rummy game?

Follow the steps given below to get started with online rummy and earn money straight away:

Step 1: Get registered for free

You need to fill a short registration form to open your account. You will be required to provide your contact number and email id, after which you have to choose your user id and password. The process of registration takes only a couple of minutes and you can do it free of cost!

Step 2: Claim your bonus

Most online rummy game portals add incentives for new players to try out the games without any investment from their part. When the verification of mobile number and email id is completed, new players are provided a certain amount of money as a welcome bonus. After registration, you will receive an email in the email id you have given. This email contains a verification link that you need to click on to open. Thereafter, you will be redirected to the portal, where you need to follow the given instructions. You have to verify your mobile number similarly. After completing the process of verification, your welcome bonus will be credited to your rummy account. You can use the bonus to try out games without the need of making a deposit. 

Step 3: Claim bonus code on deposits

After opening your account, you can make deposits using any online payment method you find convenient, be it online banking, NEFT, debit card, or credit card. All rummy portals accept the major online payment methods. What’s exciting is that there is usually a bonus applicable to your initial deposits. There is usually a code that you have to enter while making your first deposit to claim the welcome bonus. Another code might also be available for your second deposit. This way, you can claim a hefty sum of bonus money by simply making deposits and using the applicable codes. 

Step 4: Enter the game Lobby and get started

You are all set once you have registered and claimed the available bonuses. Now, it’s time for you to start playing and enjoying your games. You will find the link to go to the game lobby. There are usually different rummy variants in the lobby. Common variants include Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, and Deals Rummy. You can play any of the variants available in the lobby. Once you select the rummy variant you want to play, you will be able to see a list of tables. Join the table and select what you want to play. If you are just starting, it is advisable to choose a table that has a smaller value. However, if you are a rummy ace, you can join the bigger tables straight away and earn big money. You can play on these tables as long as you want. 

Step 5: Withdraw your earnings

Nowadays, with easy online payment methods, withdrawals are as fast and easy as it gets. Rummy portals allow you to withdraw your winnings whenever you want to. There is a Payments and Withdrawals section within the website/app you are using. Visit the section and enter the details of your bank account. You will soon receive a confirmation email regarding your withdrawal as well. Thereafter, all your withdrawals will be credited to your bank account directly. There is also a reverse withdrawal option available, which you can use to reverse your withdrawal. 

The above-mentioned steps are all you need to get started in the world of online rummy. You can initially play smaller tables and get good practice. As you keep playing, you will get better and be able to win more. If you are confident enough, you can move on to the bigger tables and start winning more. Without much initial investment, it is a great way of earning money online. To sum it up, if you like playing rummy and think you are good at it, you should give online rummy a try!

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